Don’t like gut-loading insects, or want to be certain every vitamin need is met? Use R-Zilla spray-on Vitamin Supplement. It’s as easy as a daily misting of a pet’s food supply, then waiting fifteen seconds before serving. The...

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A floating food stick for all aquatic turtles, newts, and frogsVitamin and calcium...

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Because an adult iguana has special dietary needs, Zilla researchers formulated a food specifically to suit a mature pet’s 2-3 day feeding cycle and unique nutrition demands. Zilla food contains the added fiber a mature digestive system...

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Rep-Cal adult iguana food is formulated to ensure proper growth and health by providing complete and balanced nutrition. It is a veterinarian recommended food containing natural plant and fruit ingredients iguanas love and provides the 100-percent...

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Repti Calcium is an ultra fine Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Supplement. It is a phosphorus-free calcium supplement for reptiles and amphibians. It has a unique shape/high surface area per gram resulting in increased calcium bioavailability.Highly...

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Zilla Reptile Munchies are a quick and easy way to provide reptiles and other animals with high-protein foods that they prefer to eat. Dehydrated River Shrimp are high in protein and ideal for animals such as turtles, salamanders, axolotls and even...

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